Academy year 2018/2019


The IttaSzezon! team has developed an innovative, online platform to bring the primary and small agricultural producers together with those living in cities who consider important to consume healthy, fresh, original, tasty and local food and drink. IttaSzezon! aims to enable producers to sell a large amount of products within a short period of time with one carriage so they can spend most of their time on their farms; and to provide for consumers food coming from local, reliable sources.

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Impact Hub is an international network with offices in nearly 80 major cities around the world. It works as a catalyst or umbrella organisation for those who work on social, environmental problems at either business or individual level. They are engaged in initiatives and businesses that generate extra added values besides profit and contribute to the development of the society.

Igazgyöngy Foundation

The Igazgyöngy Foundation and the Institute of Basic Art Education has been operating in the Berettyóújfalu micro-region since 1999. Its main activities are talent management and personality development with special focus on disadvantaged children. Through complex problem analysis and management the Foundation works to increase the chances and integrate children and families living in poverty. The goal is to have less people who are unable to break out of poverty, a more accepting society and a world living in better well-being.

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MagikMe is a social startup that designs and sells playground games for children with disabilities. These games allow children to play together on the same game, sharing experiences and getting to know each other, building up more tolerant communities and societies. As a social enterprise, 55% of their profit is invested to ensure the success of their mission and help the better acceptance of children living with disabilities.

Responsible Gastro-Hero

The mission of the Responsible Gastro-Hero Foundation is to help people to learn about the ways of healthy and environmentally responsible eating. They believe that with eco-friendly gastronomic solutions we can make our meals greener and healthier and thus we can protect our environment. Their motto is  that “everyone can be a hero” and “we can change the world bit by bit”. Their long-term goal is to create a demand for responsible nutrition in the society and to generate a corresponding knowledge in the service sector.

NANE Association

NANE Women’s Rights Association was established in 1994 with the aim to step up against violence against women and children. It is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, active at the individual, community, and social level. They believe that violence against women is a form of gender inequality and an ideal world is free from any gender-based discrimination, from any power differences predetermined at our “birth” , from sexism and all forms of exploitation of women.

Mindenegyüttmegy Association

The main goal of the Mindenegyüttmegy Association is to support sustainability, ecolocalism, small communities and the so-called “gyüttmentek”. The association is working on strengthening the group of “gyüttmentek” and building up their community. The group of “gyüttmentek” works on creating and experiencing together a new ecological paradigm. Every year the association organizes the Gyüttment Festival, which is a big meeting of people, communities and urban thinkers who are resettling in the countryside and choosing an environmentally conscious rural life.

Technology Education Foundation

The Technology Education Foundation provides young people with free technology sessions through a new form of education. The Foundation’s main project is Skool targetting 8-18 years old girls, their latest project is KódKlub project targetting 4-21 years old children living in children’s home or in disadvantaged circumstances. Their aim is to promote women’s equal opportunities, diversity and digital competence development, improve competitiveness, develop the digital knowledge of disadvantaged children to gain useful, modern, 21st century’s knowledge that supports their future and increases their chances of further education and employment.

Strázsa Tanya Public Benefit Social Co-operative

The objective of the Strázsa Tanya is to help disadvantaged, mainly mentally disabled people with job creation and contribute to improving their quality of life. They operate the Strázsa Guesthouse and Farm and organize opened, free, cultural and leisure programs. Their special program is the so called “Strázsapróba”, which treats young people with intellectual disabilities excluded from public education with a complex method.

21st Century Pedagogy Foundation

The aim of the Foundation is to disseminate, develop and support alternative learning methods for pupils excluded from institutionalized learning to the sideline, and to open the system to children left behind. Its main activity is the E-tanoda program, in which high school students from Budapest help disadvantaged students through online lessons. Their vision is to build a digital mentor network that is using 21st century pedagogy tools and methods to help effectively, meanwhile building bridges between groups living isolated from each other.